The job of a conveyancer is to ensure that their client’s position in a transfer of land or property is protected. Therefore in a typical transaction involving a sale and purchase, each party will have their own conveyancer.

We ensure that the relevant searches are carried out on your property and that all charges against it are addressed. Usually, we also act for the mortgage lender, where a mortgage is involved.

Each property transaction can potentially involve many different aspects and must be carried out with due care and attention. We at R&C do not operate by sacrificing quality for the sake of a quick completion. All cases must be scrutinised with care to ensure that problems may not arise for our clients in future. This is balanced with the need for speed.

A solicitor is a qualified and skilled legal professional; unlike other trained fee earners. We assign each case to a qualified solicitor to ensure that each case is dealt with carefully and efficiently. Our clients therefore receive better advice from a qualified solicitor competitively priced against a trained fee earner.


The solicitor dealing with your case will be your contact throughout the procedure. There are many stages to a conveyancing process:

  • Pre-Contract
  • Exchange of Contract
  • Pre-Completion
  • Completion
  • Post Completion


We believe it is important that our services and solicitors are approachable and contactable at any given time. We make the process easier for you by ensuring that you are not passed through different departments for updates on your case. Thus by assigning a solicitor to each case our clients will always have a point of contact.

Residential Transactions:

Whether you are a first time buyer or an experienced property trader we are able to cater for all needs. Whether it be a sale, purchase, re-mortgage or the creation of a lease we will be able to guide you through the process quickly and efficiently keeping you updated as and when required.


Commerical Transactions:

Just as you would require a conveyancer for the sale and purchase of a residential property, the same applies with commercial transactions. We deal with transactions involving retail units, petrol stations, restaurants, care homes and the like on a regular basis and we are able to help you through the process. As you would expect, more information is passed between conveyancers than with a residential transactions, and there are a number of important factors clients should be aware of. We are here to ensure that you are kept fully informed throughout the procedure and that you are completely happy with all aspects of the transaction.

We at R&C have an established commercial client base and are confident that our solicitors will be able to handle any commercial transaction in accordance with our core principle of completing your case as quickly and as stress free as possible.

If you would like further information on any of our transactions please do not hesitate to contact us please specify the type of transaction you would like information on and one of our solicitors will contact you.